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"Did you know that 70% of people do not throw away paper bags, but use them again several times?"

In the past few years we have manufactured hundreds of thousands of paper bags, and our experience shows that both designers and customers increasingly prefer strong paper bags with a noble surface, so we could make the slogan ‘strong brand, strong bag’.

Laminated paper bags are typically made of 170 or 200 g extra strong coated kraft paper. The choice depends on the size of the bag and the expected weight of content.Special attention must be given to the thickness of the handle and bottom reinforcing cardboards as they greatly contribute to the stability of the bag. To this end, 500 g cardboards or for larger bags even 800 to 900 g cardboards can be used.

The bags are available with 5 to 7 mm rope handles or even with satin ribbon handles.Special surface finishing is not only decorative but, similarly to lamination, also adds to the durability of the bag. Silver- and gold-plating, embossing and spot UV lamination not only upgrade a paper bag to premium but also make it much stronger, resistant and almost ‘ever-lasting’.

Surface inprovement

Bags are printed using offset technology with up to 5 colours (+ lamination).
Paper bags with simpler graphics, especially a logo or text, can also be printed in only one or two colours (from the Pantone palette).
Really durable paper bags have laminated surface.Gloss laminated finishing provides the most resistant surface ensuring repeated use of the bag.Matt lamination creates a more moderate, elegant impression with a pleasant feel.
The hot stamped pattern is a very thin metal film on the surface of the bag.It is mostly made in gold and silver colours but other solutions are also available, such as metallic-effect colours or glitter-effect films.This technique is mostly used when the paper bag must match the customer’s high-profile product and image.
Recommended for matt laminated paper bags where the lamination applied to the matt background results in a glossy finish, thus highlighting parts of the graphics.The offset print image becomes more contoured under the laminated finish, so it is excellent for highlighting certain graphic design elements.If the background colour is the same, spot UV varnish can be used to create independent patterns.
With embossing we can create raised images in the paper.The paper is embossed with a raised die based on the received graphic designs.We can achieve interesting, exciting and unique effects with embossing and the creative combination of embossing and foil stamping.

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